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I am an extremely family-oriented person, and I believe in the importance of cultivating and maintaining your relationship with your significant other. From partners, to newlyweds, to lengthy marriages, this is something that needs to happen every so often. Taking some time to focus 100% on each other, should be a never-ending tradition. This is the foundation of your future family, or a great benefit for your existing family and happiness. I know romance, and I know luxury. This is my passion and purpose in life, and it is my privilege to plan a trip that you will both remember for the rest of your lives. 


Destination :  Miami, FL

I have lived in Miami since I was 4 years old. But that's not the only reason why I should be your go-to Miami insider. I just plain LOVE this city. I've experienced this town throughout so many phases of my life, and I continue to love it more and more. Our tourism is booming, and we expect it to continue the momentum. Our food, culture, night-life, and weather are all so incredible! We truly have an endless-summer. Miami also serves as a gateway to the Caribbean, South America, Cuba, etc. When you think of authentic Miami, I should be the first person you contact. (You can even send me tweets while in town, and I will respond with any tips you need along the way!) 



I love to cruise. But for some, it can be a challenge to plan. I must admit, there are tips and tricks that you learn along the way, from experiencing different cruise-lines, ship-types, and fellow cruisers. Please take advantage of my knowledge. Pre-planning is key. And knowing the likes/dislikes of your travel party is the only way to give each person a voyage they will enjoy. Let me take the reins, so that you can actually relax on your vacation with the rest of them.