HOTELS - the cornerstone of my business

For referring you to a hotel, I usually receive a small commission, after you travel. The online booking sites you use now, operate the same way! Since they will pay me something, it contributes toward paying for my time investment so that I can keep YOUR costs as low as possible. The price you pay for the hotels, are usually the same or better (I can usually get you extra perks), compared to had you booked it on your own.

Hotel relationships are the foundation of the services that I provide. We are partners with the same goal...your experience exceeding your expectations. Ultimately, Hotels need to fill rooms and they want me to keep sending guests. So they will give MY clients special treatment over others who are not. In turn, I want you to be a happy client for life! Since I won't be traveling with you, it is essential that I have reliable contacts physically at the hotel who will consistently deliver a great experience for my guests and who will take responsibility in your satisfaction and any possible issue resolution.  

Optional: I am more than happy to coordinate privately-owned rentals, such as AirBNB or VRBO, but please keep in mind the landlords do not usually pay a commission. In these circumstances, we will determine a reasonable independent compensation to cover my efforts (typically 10% of net rental cost). 



Booking your flights through me is optional. Airlines do not usually pay a commission or give special pricing, so I feel that it is important to extend my clients all their options. 

First in Service - AIR SERVICES:

Our Air Department is truly exceptional. The benefit here is that they will handle everything for you, and should any issues arise, they will deal with the airlines and resolve them on your behalf. They will be at your disposal anywhere you are in the world, 24/7. This is the best option for no-hassle traveling. They charge an affordable fee for their service ($55/ticket). 

>> They also typically receive discounted rates for International Business/First-Class! <<

Recommended for:  


International Flights

Business/First-Class seating preferences 

Complicated multi-stop trips

Group Travel

Anyone who prefers to reduce stress or avoid the hassle of dealing with the airlines if issues arise

Should you decide to use them, I will gather your preferences and data, request the quote, and we go from there. 


à la carte services

Mobile Itinerary - I provide itineraries through UMapped. You can print it out, or view it through you smartphone on the UMapped App. This is a great service and is fully live. It will update with any changes that I make throughout your trip. I will list all instructions and addresses, and it will even alert you to flight gate changes, etc. 

Cost: FREE when I book your hotel reservations! 

Daily Planning - Once your trip is booked, I can offer full blown daily planning. This would include selecting tour vendors, dinner reservations, other activities, etc. I can even arrange gifts and surprises for your travel partners. This takes the guess-work out of your vacation. I will work with your on-site hotel concierge so that we are your team for taking care of all the details and coordination. For this service, I will charge a reasonable fee on a case by case basis depending on the extent of how much you would like me to coordinate, and the estimated time it would take to do so. Believe me, the benefit well outweighs the cost. To give you an idea, I usually tell clients to budget $150/day per couple. No surprise costs, so don't worry. If your trip will include this service, then I will give you a quote before investing any time toward this so that you can plan accordingly. 

Recommended for: very busy brides/people!, group trips 

Cost Estimate: $150/day per couple

Dream Trip Financial Planning - (also see Benefits page) We should be discussing your immediate trips, but also your future travel aspirations. It's never too early to get started. You may think a destination is beyond your financial-grasp, but with my help, we can lay out a savings plan that will make it a reality. For this service I do not charge a fee, since the idea is that this trip will be booked with me one day when you are ready. I will, however, request a small deposit of $150, which will be applied toward that trip. This also acts as the foundation of your commitment to your savings plan. The rest of your saving is controlled by you, at your pace, in your own bank account. I am merely a consultant to guide you. I can also check-in with you at certain milestones to see if you are still on-track, or if we need to tweak the plan. 

Deposit Required: $150 which will be applied toward your trip 100%






Reach out to us via email (, or by selecting the "Trip Inquiry" button on the Home Page. I will email you with questions regarding any additional info that I need. 


Once we have discussed the possible destination and you express interest in having my planning support, I will send you a quote for the costs of any services you selected, based on the time I believe will be needed to complete your request. You can select the services you want, no surprises. Then I'll send an invoice in order to get started. This is typically a min of $100 USD. 

Please see Menu (note: currently updating for 2019) for a sample of costs and services, but keep in mind, each trip can be customized to your needs/budget. 

TIP -> check our Social Media accounts for current promotions which can reduce or eliminate the deposit!

Please note: Deposits are Non-refundable. Upon request, however, may be applied toward a new trip for you or even transferred to another person, for travel dates within 12 months from the Invoice Date. It will be retained as revenue of LuxuryTravel.Miami LLC only if it is not utilized within 12 month period, unless otherwise stated in writing. 


Together we will adjust the details of your trip, until you approve the final plan. Once ready to book, we will complete a Credit Card Authorization form and confirm all the reservations for air and accommodations. 


I will then provide you with a fully customized itinerary via UMapped (optional), travel tips, and some resources for things to do while traveling to your destination. I also like to reach out to the hotels and vendors at the time of booking, as well as right before you arrive. This ensures that everything is booked exactly how we intended, and that you receive the best service possible. 


Have a wonderful time, and don't forget to tag your photos with #LuxTravelLyfe

After your return, we will go over your experience. This will give me the opportunity to thank those who were key players in the good times, and for us to discuss adjustments for the next time. The key is to make your trips even more rewarding each and every time.