Honeymoon Travel Tips!

Advice from a honeymoon planner

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1. Remember to Remember  

•Slow down! As you embark on your honeymoon, it's important to not let it just fly by.

•Keep phone entertainment to a minimum and ignore your friends' non-urgent texts. You shouldn't be just as available as you would be at home. This is time for your spouse, not your buddies!

•Snap away! Worry about editing pics later when you have downtime. Use your regular camera, polaroid, phones, gopro, etc! You won't regret it. 

•I also suggest taking a large ziploc bag for storing mementos if you plan on scrap booking when you get home. But don't keep garbage!  

2. Stay Organized

•Always have some paper and a pen

•Paper copies of your itineraries and reservations, in case your phones don't work properly.  

•Large ziploc bag for keeping receipts and folios. DO make sure to check your hotel folios and address any issues prior to check out, whenever possible!  

•Mesh laundry bag for dirty clothes

•Keep all electronics and chargers in one place/bag. This will help with a quick inventory check before leaving a hotel.  

3.  Crisis Management 

•Traveling can be stressful, so keep in mind that even if you have a little spat with your new spouse, don't let it impact you or your trip for long. Apologize quickly and get back to happy times. It happens and is normal!

•Trips can be unpredictable. So if you have poor weather, or maybe a change in flights, don't let it get you down! This trip is only partially about the destination, the foundation of a honeymoon is being alone and focused on each other. So even if you're stuck in an airport, make it fun and playful. 

•Hotels do want you to be happy. If something goes wrong, BE NICE! Some travelers think they get further by kicking and screaming to get their way or manipulate some freebies, but I've found the opposite to be true. Email your travel agent of any issues, but make sure to call the front desk or management right away and report any dissatisfaction (again, in a polite manner). They will work with you and will do everything in their power to turn it around. But being mean or threatening a bad review, is just not cool. 

4. Pay it Forward  

•I ask my clients to please note the names of those who go above and beyond. I call these people out to their supervisors and the really appreciate it! Sometimes, hotels even give monetary perks to employees who are positively mentioned in Trip Advisor reviews. Let's positively reinforce those overachievers! 

•Do the survey! If you have a few minutes to play on your phone while you wait for your flight, then you can take a moment to do that survey or review. Again, I'm all for positive posts. I do show restraint from blasting negativity though. Normally you can tell the difference between a one-time poor circumstance vs. a "bad" hotel, so please post with awareness that your words will likely influence their business and employees. 

•If your parents or wedding guests helped with a chunk of your travel expenses, show extra gratitude! Even taking the time to send a postcard from abroad, is a really nice gesture. A special gift (not junk; not something they'll never use or that can be easily purchased at home), or at least a personalized Thank You note upon returning. Don't forget to include a photo of you enjoying what their money went to! 

5. Spouse Appreciation 

•Even if you laid out your honeymoon together, it's a great thing to plan some kind of surprise for your new spouse. Your travel agent can help with ideas and execution. Some great ones I've planned are a special dream excursion (like a helicopter ride!), a short photography shoot (girls love this), or having your husband's favorite Scotch waiting for him in your suite. 

•If your husband hates taking pictures (in front and/or behind the camera)... TRY to keep the torture to a minimum. We all loved the "Instagram Husband"  parody that went viral, because it was relatable! Taking pictures is a must, just be a good sport and notice if he's huffing and puffing. 

•Guys: TAKE PICTURES PLEASE! Some, atleast. Girls are usually more sentimental, and we get it. But I try to encourage both sides to be good sports about this topic.  Your frustration does come across in the photos, so if you just smile sincerely, it will be over with sooner! 


Happy Honeymoon!  


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